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“Міжнародна правова безпека”

Адвокатське об’еднання “Міжнародна правова безпека”
Юридична компанія “Міжнародна правова безпека”
Mon-Fri, 09:00 – 18:00

Consultation: (044) 284 04 36


Our integrated consulting includes the following (but not exclusive) list of services:

  • Written consultations on taxation, accounting, economic and civil law, including subscriber services;
  • Analysis of tax optimization schemes, development of tax optimization policies, tax planning, support and implementation control;
  • Methodological support for projects of accounting automation at enterprises of different branches and control of the results of implementation (on the side of the customer automation) (in the development of statements of work, description of business projects, reception of automation results);
  • Analysis of business contracts for additional costs, risk assessments and recommendations for adjustments; • Development and analysis of the necessary instruments as a part of the tax audits and their challenging, support to the challenge of the tax audits results, as well as writing legal justifications and other procedural documents that will form the basis of the following procedural documents to be used in courts and law enforcement bodies; • Legal and expert support of business in courts, controlling and law enforcement bodies, and other tax authorities;
  • Advice on labor and social legislation, personnel management and remuneration systems;
  • Implementation of corporate and public informational online projects on professional subjects;
  • Accounting and personnel outsourcing.

We offer:

  • high quality of our services;
  • validity, ease and accessibility of recommendations and conclusions drawn;
  • comprehensive solutions for the client’s business needs.