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Economic disputes on business issues are one of the most common problems that arise in business at one stage or another.

Dishonesty of partners, unlawful actions of buyers or suppliers, disputes with supervisory authorities on the inspection results and other administrative actions, misunderstandings, losses and lost profit – only the beginning of a numerical list. All such situations and their combinations lead to negative economic consequences, loss of markets, slow economic growth, raiding, and sometimes loss of business.

Successful resolution of economic disputes is usually impossible without the professional help of skilled experts.

As part of comprehensive assistance in resolving economic disputes, we offer:

  • Legal advice on economic issues. Road map of further actions and decisions.
  • Advocacy. The right position in the pre-trial negotiations and in the proceedings of the case. It is important to understand the lawyer’s specialization, to get information about his reputation and experience in such issues.
  • Economical experts advice on the economics of disputes. Accounting, taxation, legal basis of the dispute and economic rationale of possible solutions.
  • Audit support and audit reports. Answers to the questions that will help to form the necessary evidence base for the client.
  • Forensic service. Conduct economic examination at the stage of judicial and pre-trial investigation.  An important factor in the success of this client protection system is the coordinated cooperation between a lawyer, an attorney, an auditor and a forensic. Together, they form a common position to defend the client’s interests in resolving disputes over economic issues.

The “International Legal Security” gathered the best and high-qualified lawyers, attorneys, auditors and economists. We worked out our own algorithms for coordinated action to work effectively. Our friendly and cohesive team is always ready to provide economic protection to our customers.