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Round table. “Raider hijacking. Prevention and localization practice”

The Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine together with the “International Legal Security” Group and the “International Association of Investigators and Experts on Crisis”, with the information support of the Internet channel “Selector TV”, holds a round table discussion “Raider Hijacking. Prevention and localization practice “, dedicated exclusively to the practical aspects of combating raider-hijacking schemes.

The raider-hijacking subject is quite relevant in the current management conditions in Ukraine and it is an interest, above all, to a wide range of business structures. Recently, a large number of events on the subject of business security, including raider hijacking, took place. However, as shown by the analysis of such events programs, most of them consider business hijacking as a fait accompli or to minimization of its consequences, ignoring the prevention stage and preventive measures against the raider hijacking probability. In our event, we focus exactly on the preventing and risk reduction issues of business raider seizure. By organizing the event program and selecting the speakers and presenters, the facilitators pull together practical experience of auditors, lawyers, investigators, journalists and other experts on crisis, in order to unpack the issue and its solutions in the most comprehensive way.

Event format: discussion based on the practical experience, presentations of solutions for raider-hijacking combating, discussion of real-life situations.Venue: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, 33, Velyka Zhytomyrska str., Kyiv Date and duration: October 18, 2018, 14:00 – 18:00.Topics to discuss:- Early diagnostics of the raider hijacking risks.- Combating the raider capture in its course.

Participants: business, members of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the “International Legal Security” Group representatives, “International Association of Investigators and Experts on Crisis Situations” representatives, journalists of the Internet channel “Selector TV” and representatives of other structures practically related to the discussion subject.